Choosing a Lawyer after being injured in a truck accident in Texas

In the aftermath of a truck accident, picking the right truck accident law firm and truck accident lawyer is essential: on this page you can find rankings, survey, contact, advice and just help on how to make the right decision in the complex maze of getting compensation and payment.

we contacted victims, lawyers, law firms and pretty much everybody we could find who was involved in truck accident in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio and the rest of Texas.

Why you should pick a truck accident attorney and sue for compensation

The majority of accidents are caused by human error, mechanical failure, intoxication or even the company’s own mistake in failing to maintain current inspection standards for its vehicles.

Regardless of the reason behind the incident, in many cases, YOU ARE ENTITLED TO COMPENSATION. However, Without the legal counsel of an experienced truck accident lawyers and attorney, you will not find justice for your injuries.

Many lawyers will  work diligently to get you the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, but below are common mistakes to avoid when going through the process of obtaining a favorable compensation package.

Acting fast is important – do you have time for early investigation?

Trucking companies have attorneys on staff ready to take legal action in the event of an accident. Within hours of the collision, the trucking company will have an investigator at the scene, ready to dissect the accident and spin the incident in their favor.

Moreover, you can lose your right to recover damages in a trucking accident case if you wait to long (beyond the statute of limitations) to take legal action.

One cannot overstate the importance of an early investigation by a truck accident lawyer in Houston, Dallas or San Antonio after a truck accident. The condition of the big rig, the accident scene, authority’s findings in the investigation and compliance with the federal regulations all should be investigated as early as possible after an accident.

Pursuing Maximum Damages for Injured Clients

Insurance companies often try to minimize an individual’s claim, even when the victim is not at fault for the accident. You need to stand up to these companies, and you should pick a lawfirm that will not hesitate to fight in trial to help secure the compensation you deserve.

There have been many instances of low compensation awards because the claim the lawyer filed was inadequate and too low. Don’t forget that insurance companies will always try to reduce the amount of money they have to pay at the end of the process, and knowing how much to ask for is of paramount importance.

Federal law has established Guidelines that are often ignored

There are rules regarding the minimum levels of safe conduct expected from 18 wheeler drivers and motor carriers. The hours of service regulations for commercial drivers specify the time a truck driver can actually be behind the wheel cannot be more than:

  • 14-hour duty limit (minimum 10 hours of rest after 14 hours on duty)
  • 11 hour driving limit (minimum 10 hours rest after 11 total driving hours)
  • 60/70-hour duty limit

Professional drivers often feel pressured to deliver the load as quickly as possible either to benefit financially or to appease the company. Driver fatigue can easily occur for truck drivers to follow the rules, and is almost a given for those who do not follow the safety regulations. The right truck accident lawyer will know how to use all those facts to get you compensated.

Will you have access and be able to gather the evidence?

Important evidence after a serious truck accident can include:

  • Logbooks
  • Black box or computer event data
  • Documents evidencing the load and prior deliveries
  • Inspection of the tractor-trailer
  • Inspection of the accident scene
  • Poor Training

Many 18 wheeler drivers have a commercial drivers license and are simply turned loose on the highways to deliver their loads. Motor carriers have a duty to ensure that their drivers are properly trained and able to safely operate the big rigs. Ongoing safety training should be a part of all motor carriers operations. Quality truck accident attorneys know how to leverage the evidence to increase the you compensation.

Did the truck use dangerous Equipment?

Trucking companies also must ensure that the trucks on the highway or in safe and proper operating condition. Drivers must inspect their tractor-trailers every day and also inspect their loads to ensure that they are properly secured. Further, the federal regulations require truck drivers to inspect the truck prior to beginning any trip. The truck driver must inspect:

  • Air Lines and compressor
  • Brakes
  • Fuel system
  • Lights
  • Steering
  • Safety equipment
  • Axles
  • Coupling devices
  • Wheels and tires
  • Numerous other equipment

At the end of the trip the commercial or professional driver must then re-examine each of the items covered in their driver’s daily vehicle inspection reports. All dangerous conditions or defects must be noted in such reports and reported to the motor carrier prior to taking the big rig out on another trip. An inspection after a serious injury or fatal truck accident can be an important part of an 18 wheeler accident lawsuit.

Houston? Dallas? San Antonio? You are not alone

When an 18-wheeler truck collides with a passenger vehicle or another truck, serious injury or death is likely to occur. Each year in the U.S. there are more than 400,000 accidents involving large trucks including commercial box trucks and tractor-trailer combinations. In 2005 alone, 3,920 fatalities occurred in truck accidents involving 18-wheelers or some other combination-unit truck. That’s an average of 10 fatalities daily resulting from 18-wheeler truck accidents.

Who was responsible?

One out of every eight car accident in Texas involve large trucks such as big rigs, tractor trailers, 18 wheeler and other commercial vehicles. In Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, Four percent of all injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes are caused by large trucks.

Given the large size of the trucks, the lengthy hours that drivers are on the road and the failure of some drivers to abide by speed limits in order to meet deadlines, it is no wonder that truck drivers are frequently at fault.

  • Is the Truck Driver Responsible?

Sometimes a driver is solely responsible for the accident. This can be caused by driving while intoxicated, driving at dangerous speeds, failure to follow standard safety precautions, driving too fast for road conditions, driving while drowsy, improperly securing the payload, texting, and several other dangerous conditions. There are many occasions when a driver failed to conduct a proper pre-trip inspection which would have discovered an obvious fault with the rig, i.e., could have avoided the accident all together.

  • Is the Trucking Company Responsible for the Accident?

There are times when commercial carrier place unsafe demands on their drivers, thereby exposing their drivers, pedestrians, and other motorists to the risk of injury or death by failing to insist upon adequately safe standards of operation. Additionally, in certain situations, it is incumbent upon the trucking company to properly inspect and maintain the rigs in their fleet. This includes outfitting them with standard safety equipment.

  • Is the Truck Manufacturer Responsible for the Accident?

No matter how safe a driver or a trucking company operates, if the manufacturer has introduced a faulty product to the marketplace, then the risk of an accident increases exponentially. 18-Wheelers are composed of thousands of components that must be manufactured to the highest levels of quality assurance in order to perform adequately. Defective brakes, tires, hydraulic systems, lights and motors are just a few components on a big rig that can cause a catastrophic accident.

So… What lawyer should you use?

We are working on gathering feedback on surveys we have sent, in the meantime below are descriptions and links to several renewed firms:

Fibich Leebron

Under the leadership of Tommy Fibich, Fibich, Leebron, Copeland, Briggs & Josephson was founded in 1992. Our Houston personal injury firm is dedicated to helping people see equal justice under the law. We are proud to lead the battle against corporations and entities that have hurt individuals, whether it was their wrongdoing or willful negligence that resulted in harm.

Having taken on manufacturers, insurance companies, and even marketers of dangerous drugs, our firm knows what it takes to stand up to big business – and win. We put our clients first, which has led us to recover millions on behalf of injured victims and their families. From motor vehicle accidents to product liability and pharmaceutical negligence, our firm can handle it all.

Koenigsberg & Associates

At Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices, we are in the business of righting the wrong that has been done to injured victims and their families. As a team of Brooklyn personal injury lawyers with decades of experience and a track record of success, we have become known for our ability to help our clients win. Over the years, we have helped countless clients secure just compensation after sustaining an injury, and we have obtained millions of dollars in recoveries and settlements on their behalves.

From the moment a new client hires us, we begin preparing his or her case as if it is going for trial. This is because we are willing to do whatever it takes in and out of the courtroom to see our clients win. We will not hesitate to take on an insurance company, if we believe doing is in the best interest of our client. In fact, we have won cases against some of the largest insurance firms in the state in a wide range of personal injury cases.

In any case we handle, our team places our clients’ needs and futures above all else. We understand that accidents create tremendous stress for victims and families. We leverage our experience and resources to secure the maximum compensation possible for medical expenses, lost work wages, pain and suffering, and more.

The Law Firm of Alton C. Todd

Texas lawyer Alton C. Todd has more than 35 years experience helping people seek compensation for their injuries. He is one of the few lawyers in the state of Texas to be certified by the State Board of Legal Specialization in both personal injury and civil trial law. He is an American Board of Trial Advocates Diplomate and also a Fellow with the American College of Trial Lawyers. He is admitted to practice before all state and federal courts in the area and before the U.S. Supreme Court. He uses his skills, education, and experience to help our injured clients obtain payment for their injuries.

Our law firm concentrates on helping injured people obtain relief. Whether you have been hurt in aworkplace accident, burned in a petrochemical plant explosion, or injured in an 18-wheeler crash , our law firm and our dedicated staff can help you. We also help individuals and businesses who have been damaged by misconduct on the part of a business or company, using our resources and knowledge to handle complex business litigation.

Jim Adler & Associates

For more than four decades, Jim Adler & Associates has been helping people injured in car accidents in Houston. Car accident lawyer Jim Adler has fought for justice on behalf of those injured in auto accidents and their families. Whether the lawsuit was the result of a small fender-bender, severe car wreck, or major 18-wheeler accident, our firm has proudly represented our clients’ best interests. Today, Jim Adler has built a strong presence as The Tough, Smart Lawyer®. Our firm, comprised of several expert car accident attorneys, has locations in in Channelview, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. Car accident lawyer services and skilled legal representation by us are available throughout Texas as a result. Jim Adler & Associates can also pair you with an experienced trucking accident lawyer for your case involving a commercial 18 wheeler truck.